What would you say if I told you that I have a Secret Niche that is extremely lucrative, yet very few people are aware of it? And what if I could show you how to begin...to not just make a little money on the side... but turn it into a full-time income with no limits?

Would you be interested? You should be, because it's true! I have been working in this niche for over two decades, and have been focusing on it full-time from an internet marketing perspective for the last 5 years. My Secret Niche is in a 4.6 Billion Dollar Industry.

But it gets better -- you can begin your successful journey into the Secret Niche with little to no money, no background in this area, and a small investment of your time and effort. 



Barry's course is excellent - you can hit the ground running with his materials and resources - I plan on doing some domain sniping tonight in fact! The course is comprehensive with 12 excellent modules, each available as video, audio or ipod, along with a huge resource packet, that I still haven't finished going through.

Barry knows this niche incredibly well - it was his career for a long time - so he speaks with authority and is very sharing and generous in his teachings here. This is really a full "business in a box" here!

And one last point - this is really a HUGE market, with many smaller niches that you can focus on, and vastly under served online. It is not in danger of saturation, as you will soon see, and it is very global in nature - you could do this from anywhere!


Kudos, Barry!

Melody Wigdahl



I may sound selfish here and I'm real sorry for this but why did you release this??? It is without doubt the best course I have ever bought or reviewed; bar none. It really has taken the focal point of my first 6 month business model of 2011. 

Everything you are teaching here is just what i needed. Seriously Barry, my plan this year is to create both my own products and email lists attached to those...everything you cover and much more. I am now able to set up Resource Sites, Multiple Adsense Sites, Kindle and Physical Books and my own Study Courses...with relative ease and quickly. Plus so much other awesome stuff; now I can really brand myself after nearly 3 years in the affiliate trenches. Thank you so very much for this. This is really as step-by-step as it comes and I'm confident about completing any of the above tasks.


Michael Mac



I would like to thank you Barry for such a fantastic resource. Firstly I have been trying to work out a plan of action in regards to internet marketing for this year and I can now say with confidence I have found my system.

I am amazed at the money being spent in this Niche and how untapped it is.
The way that you deliver this course and your teaching style gives me the confidence and the skills needed to be able to implement your systems. The training itself has given me new skills in internet marketing that I thought would be impossible for someone with my experience, but not any more

The resources that you provide have given me so many ideas on products to create and create quickly , I'm talking high quality products, thanks to the resources that you provide.

I can say with confidence this is one of the best complete programs I have seen and I am so excited to get started.

Thank you again
Kind regards
Shane Burgoyne


"Barry Davis' 'Secret Niche Video Course' is absolutely amazing!  Barry provides an easy-to-understand overview of this niche's incredible potential and a step-by-step system on how anyone, even one with no previous experience in the niche, can profit from it. 

The videos are excellent quality and it's a pleasure listening to Barry walk us through them. He also provides some great resources to get  us started and points to other places on the Web for even more free resources! You can't go wrong with this one, folks! It's a winner!"



Brian Tubbs




When you invest in the Secret Niche Video Course you will receive the following immediately after you order ready to download to your computer:

12 Highly Instructive and Motivational Videos covering almost every aspect of the Secret Niche. (Also included in IPod Video and Audio MP3.)

40 Public Domain resources in Word™ format that you can begin using right away (no wasted time downloading...we've included what you need!)

3 Reference-Based Websites ready for you to add AdSense™, a sign-up box for your e-mail list, and whatever else you would like to include.

A Comprehensive list of clickable links to websites specializing in the Secret Niche with literally 1,000s of resources for you to download and add to your sites.

The opportunity to learn from a pioneer in the Secret Niche, with 20 years experience, formal education, and internet marketing know-how.

A 30-Day, no questions asked, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Okay, so now comes the big question -- how much is all of this going to cost? I won't lie to you and say that I don't way to make money from offering you this course, but at the same time, I truly and sincerely want to see you succeed. So I am going to offer this entire package to you today for the incredibly low price of only $37.00!


Okay Barry, I'll Take It!!

I understand that I'm going to get immediate access to the following ...

* 12 Videos that each me everything I need to know to start making money in the Secret Niche.

* 40 Quality Public Domain Resources to get me started.

* 3 Reference based websites.

* A comprehensive list of websites where I can download 1,000s of quality public domain materials in the Secret Niche.

*Once your payment goes through you'll get instant
access to your downloads  even if it's 2am.

 Thank You For Your Business!


Barry Davis

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